One of the most powerful voices to make himself heard in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd while Floyd was in the custody of the Minneapolis police was Dolphins head coach Brian Flores. Flores, who is black, released a statement that in part decried the lack of “OUTRAGE from people of influence” regarding the killings of Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, who were African Americans, and it resonated not just in league circles but across the social platforms it was posted to. Current players, former players and those who never were under the watchful eye of Flores reposted and/or responded to the coach’s words. It also seemed to trigger others in similar positions across a variety of leagues to share their thoughts.

This came as no surprise to one of the Patriots’ captains, Devin McCourty, who played under Flores during Flores’ time as an assistant in New England. Talking with his brother Jason on their Double Coverage podcast, Devin had nothing but praise for the man he used to call not just coach but friend.

“He holds a position … a position that as players, as people who watch football know: We need more black coaches, we need more black GMs, we need more people in that position,” said McCourty. “So, to see him be outspoken — and knowing him personally, he’s always been like that — to me was great to see.

“It’s about leading men. It’s about men seeing the important things. We don’t just come to play football. We’re around each other, we mentor each other, we try to pour into each other. So, to see him go out there and make it public and say how he felt I thought was really good.”

Devin and Jason also delved into the protesting and rioting that have followed Floyd’s death. Jason’s belief is that it’s been difficult for some people to find ways and the proper outlet to express their emotions during this time.

“As you wa

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