The Indianapolis Colts sit as one of the most intriguing teams in the AFC entering the 2020 season after upgrades on both sides of the ball have fortified a stellar roster.

One addition that could boost the Colts’ offense was drafting running back Jonathan Taylor, who projects as an early-down workhorse after an impressive college career at Wisconsin.

Monday, however, coach Frank Reich noted that we shouldn’t count out incumbent starter Marlon Mack from retaining the job. The coach also underscored the importance Nyheim Hines will play.

“There’s definitely inherent respect for the starter returning,” Reich said, via Kevin Bowen of 107.5 The Fan. “And that’s the way I see this. … I see it as a 1-1 (punch). The way the league has gone and the way role playing has been elevated in our league, it’s made it prominent. We used to say in San Diego that when we had Danny Woodhead. He was not our starter, he was our ‘role-playing’ starter. He played such a significant role. He had 80 catches in a year. You look at a guy like Nyheim Hines. We talk about Marlon and Jonathan, but what about Nyheim? He’s such a good third-down back that he’ll play a prominent (role). In some ways, (Hines) is a starter. He’s a role-playing starter.”

It’s not the first time this offseason Reich pumped up Hines’ potential in 2020, suggesting he’ll play a significant part as the third-down Danny Woodhead type. That would

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